Sep 25, 2012

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Last Resort – will it sink or submerge?

At least it should be better than reality…TV that is.

Lately, there haven’t been too many TV shows to come about that I’ve been really been excited to check out. I don’t think I can handle another reality show and all of their unscripted drama by a bunch of people I care nothing about. I like escapism in my entertainment choices. Great fictional plot lines with characters I can care about is more my taste. Now, when I saw the preview for the new show “Last Resort” I, of course, was interested immediately because of the first shot in the commercial being of a submarine on. However, this does come with a mixed bag of emotions. I’m sure as anyone who works or had worked in any specialized field, it is sometimes hard to watch shows about that job which you have inside information on. Sometimes you can suspend reality enough to enjoy it, other times however, they miss the mark so much you can’t stomach it.

Will it pass the Bubblehead smell test?

I can’t wait to watch Last Resort and then talk to my buds from the Navy to see what their thoughts about the show are. I’m sure our opinions will be diverse but we will all be watching the show intently to see if they get the bubbleheads right. The technical stuff is never right, but as long as they try we will give them some leeway. However, if they get the crew wrong it will be tough to go back to it week after week. That is something we will have to wait and see with.

Sink or Submerge, time shall tell.

Lastly, I’m a little worried that the good submarine action will be reserved to the very first episode. After that, I’m thinking it will be more like the show Lost. But that’s just my speculation. In the world of submarines there are those who sink and those who submerge. While they may seem similar, one is far worse than the other. I am routing for this one, I hope it can surface above the competition.


~ T. Steven Sullivan

  1. The initial concept of the show is intersting but I don’t see how they will sustain interest and keep it focused on the sub and the island.

    As a book, a movie, or even a mini-series I can see it working but I think the intial concept is going to have to seriously morph if they are going to keep in as a long term tv series.

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