Aug 18, 2011

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Hot Run – The Book Trailer

So, I have stayed up the last few nights working on this trailer for my book. I’m always up for a challenge, and I had to learn a little bit of Adobe After Effects to do this. I learned just enough to make this work. Of course, I have to thank my good friend Jon Pinto (, who did the cover art for my book. I was able to take that work and use it in my video.

~ T. Steven Sullivan

  1. john robinson USN ( 1964 - 1970) says:

    Loved the book, could not put it down.. will continue following your works.

    After a tour in vietnam, i spent three years in Rota, Spain servicing the sub fleet. As a SK2.
    My son us currently in the Navy (HM1)

    Please continue writing great novels.

    • T.S.S. says:

      Hey John,

      I’m glad you liked the book! I’m working on the next one now. Thank you for your service.

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